Sunday, 17 July 2011

Good morning

Morning all!

I've been doing a tad more crochet as I had some time off for my birthday. Another year eh?

But first I must show you my cup of earl gray. It's a very special cup of earl gray because it's in the mug my mum bought me for my birthday!

How neat is that?!

Tall one has "Keep calm and tea on" and mum has one saying "Keep calm and knit on". I need to get a keep calm and stress less mug too haha.

So my current hooky projects. Firstly, I'm working on a set of fingerless mitts for Etsy ready for autumn / fall. Very yummy gray, dark red, teal and light brown :)

And now worn ;)

I'm going to make myself a purple set of these for the autumnal an winter months. Although I do have some rather bright yarns I could make a set from.. Hmm decisions decisions..

In other news, my ripple blanket is progressing well. Lots of strange colour combinations, very attuned to how me and his tallness see things.

I added some orange onto it because I wanted some bright bits to make it really quirky. Alot of it is odd balls of yarn from the stash, but mostly purchased :) my favourite kind :p

Well I am going to return to my final fingerless mitt, then to my tea and biscuits. Look after yourselves and I'll see you soon xx

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

My first paid knitting pattern - Connected

Hello ladies and gents, knitters of all ages!

I've just finished writing my first knitting pattern for an iPhone / iPod cozy.

Isn't it pretty?


You can buy it now on Ravelry, or on Etsy!