Thursday, 24 March 2011

HELP GUIDE: Crochet Stitches UK To US

Another quick help guide! How good am I?

There's been a couple of questions whether I use UK or US terminology. The answer is UK crochet terms. I am from the United Kingdom after all, and it makes sense to use those terms; for me anyway.

But yes, enough jibber-jabber!

HELP GUIDE: Crochet Stitches. UK - US Terminology

UK Double Crochet = US Single Crochet
UK Half Treble Crochet = US Half Double Crochet
UK Treble Crochet = US Double Crochet
UK Double Treble Crochet = US Treble Crochet
UK Triple Treble Crochet = US Double Treble Crochet

I hope this helps you all out ;)


  1. HI, I have aquestion for you. I am trying to crochet a shawl in the rowan summer crochet book and I am very confused with some of the wording used. the pattern tells me to " work 5 full patt reps to the end. and then it says "keeping patt correct, work 14 rows ending after patt row 3. This is where I am very confused. I do not know what they mean by a patt rep. there are no astericks or anything to follow. and I do not understand what they mean when it says keeping the patt correct?? thanks in advance for your help

  2. Sorry for taking a while to get back to you lovely! Ooo I have this book.

    "Work 5 full pattern repeats, ending last of these patterns with () and turn, leaving remaining pattern repeats unworked"
    This one ^ means;
    The first 5 rows of the pattern work starting with the Wrong side facing, then you don't do the final 3 rows.
    Earlier in the pattern I saw it said about "These 8 rows form a pattern" < this is the pattern it was refering to :)

    "Keeping pattern correct, work 14 rows, ending in pattern row 3, and with right side facing for next row".
    This one ^ means;
    Keep going the with pattern after the 5 pattern repeats on the side it suggests, work 14 rows of the pattern (the first part - the 8 rows), then stop at row 3 after completing the pattern for the amount of times :)

    Hope that helps xx

  3. what does "keeping pattern" mean in crocheting?