Thursday, 17 September 2009

One Hat Down, More to go!

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Got this puppy finished last week while at Paul's. I'm going to try and stick it up for sale.

Working through the stash - One colour lot at a time

I've decided there's no point trying to sell my knitting stash; I'm going to make things to sell. Starting with a Plus Size Version of Shrug This 

It's gorgeus. I'm using all my Cream / Yellow shades, and all my Purple shades and making a longer version of it. Not bad eh?

Frogged one of my boleros; and am using the colour on the Super Slouchee Hat. Gonna make some super funky mittens to go with it.

Pictures to come!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

WIP List so far - Oh My / To Do List so far

Here's my current works in progress;

  • Pair of House Socks in James C Brett Marble DK
  • Cream and Tan Ribbed Slouchee Hat
  • Purple Mixed Dread Hat - King Cole and Elle Yarns
  • Lacey Scarf for my cousin's wedding in December - Stylecraft and Patons Yarns
  • Set set of Dashing for me out of Colinette, Mirasol, Stylecraft Yarns
  • Mixed Yarns Chunky Bolero
  • Multi Blues Super Chunky Tunic
  • White and Multi Tonal Socks
  • Black and Purple Chunky Bolero
That's all I can find at the moment.

What I've got to do;
  • Tia's Kitty Hat and Chunky Funky Coloured Coat
  • Paul's Socks, Scarf, Beanie and Fingerless Mitts
  • Lacey Bag for my cousin's wedding
 Should get it all done.. Hopefully :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Life, the universe, and everything!

Well I've got loads on the go including yet more hats, my own pattern for a set of gorgeus slouchy socks which I'll get the pattern written up for :3

Other than, me and Paul (my better half / fiancee) are looking for a place to rent. It's getting very difficult trying to find anything we can remotely afford :/ Either which way, I've got loads for sale on Ebay:
It's mainly fabric, some of my knitwears, and abit of others items. So feel free to have a mooch :)

Back on the knitting needles, I've got so many projects to complete and get photos of! I've been working on crochet too :D Getting pretty good now.

Keep an ear out on here for stuff I'm selling / taking customs for.

Chrissy x