Monday, 22 November 2010

Ebay / Paypal Rant

*Please excuse this massive rant about Ebay, you've probably seen on Facebook / heard it before but just want to rant it out somewhere*

Bloody Ebay are useless for new sellers (even though I've been on Ebay for 5 years). You have to provide proof that you are able to be a reliable seller through a previous ebay account. Now I followed the tutorial on it; and it still keeps holding the money (21 days it expects ebayers to go without their flaming items because I can't afford to send them), money I need to send the damn items. They have this arse about face way of bloody running things. This is the lovely message on my Paypal;

"As you're a new eBay seller, we're temporarily holding the money for this transaction for up to 21 days. You'll then be able to access your money, providing you've posted the item to the buyer's address stated on this page, and your buyer hasn't reported any problems.

Can I use my held funds for postage costs?
Yes. You'll pay for your eBay or PayPal postage label just like normal. After you've paid for your label, the amount you paid for postage will be released from your pending balance.

You may be able to access your money sooner if you:

   1. Post your item with trackable postage such as Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery
   2. Save all proof of postage and email tracking information

Find out how to sell securely"

And the one on Ebay

"You have a PayPal payment.
As part of the payment process for new eBay sellers, your payment is on hold. Please send the item and provide tracking information or delivery confirmation, so that the money may be released.
If you purchase postage labels through eBay or PayPal, the cost of the purchase will be released from your pending balance shortly after purchase. Click the Print postage label button below. It's free and delivery information is automatically uploaded to My eBay. Or learn how to manually enter your delivery information.
View payment process frequently asked questions for new sellers | Not a new seller? Remove new seller payment hold"

How cock eyed is that?! The only reason I set up a new account is so I could start with a clean bloody slate! Then they do this to me! Ebay once upon a time was a good place to sell. Now it's only so you end up worse than what you where originally!


I'm really sorry about ranting and using such language on here. I do get really frustrated as do the Ebayers that purchase from me. All I can offer them is " You're money hasn't been transferred yet".. :/ Ah well..

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dreadies show off!

Okay for those who don't know about the wonderful world of dreads; it isn't just for hippies, it isn't people who don't wash their hair, it isn't people who have a freakish obsession with bondage, it isn't people who do drugs, and it isn't people who are angry greebos.. I suggest highly you visiting this forum: It is chockers full of people who have natural dreads, roving dreads, synthetic dreads, who dye their hair, who don't dye their hair, hairdressers, crafters and those who are there for a good ol' chin wag!

I have been part of the hair extension world for 4 years, and in that time I have made a fair amount of balls-ups! Not communicating, being to scared to tell people the money I was using their order for was to pay to make ends meet. I've started a fresh slate this year, and decided to clear all this stuff up. Starting again, and trying to regain trust.

Instead of synthetic dreads (I ended up with a foul chest infection because of doing that type of dreads), I now work with wool or roving.

Roving dreads are fantastic for those who want something lighter, sort of natural looking, softer on the scalp (for people like me who suffer from psoriasis it's amazing having soft and snuggly), and generally abit different. They are made from 100% Merino Wool, that has been carded and dyed. You can use the natural merino shades if you prefer and use vegetable, chemical, and wool dyes to dye them to your own specifications.

Now the reason I started doing this is because I found it alot less stress, my turn around times are generally A LOT better than synthetics.

So I'd better show you some purdy photos hadn't I?

I'm really pleased with what I have made so far. If anyone wanted to order any, please feel free to leave a comment on here I can contact you xx

Having to say goodbye to the stash

Recently I have found myself getting very bored with my yarn stash, and not wanting anything to do with it. Now is the point I have decided naff to it; it has to go and some new wool is in order!

So if you wanted to add me to Facebook to have a nosey through my selling it all off list:

In other news, I am slowly getting there with my oddment blanket, and granny shawl. Just trying to make more things to go onto Ebay :) xx

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Afghans and shawls

I've had a lot of thoughts about shawls and afghans. After looking at my WIP (Work in Progress) piles, looking at the vast array of colour, and thinking "Mmmm, they would look good together".

Then I picked out two shades of King Cole Merino Blend DK, King Cole Riot DK, Rowan Baby Alpaca, two shades of Patons Diploma Gold DK, Rowan Felted Tweed, Patons Washed Haze Aran, Rowan Handknit Cotton, James C Brett Kool Kotton, and a load of oddments. And slowly am working them together into this pattern.

Well I do hope you are all well.. It's been abit of a stress here, but I will let you all on with your lovely evenings. I'm going back to crochet and laugh at Paul and Andy playing Magic The Gathering (yes they are grown men) lol xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lechlade, Start of Winter, and Christmas!

I love Christmas time. I love Winter. And I 100% LOVED Lechlade!

On Saturday, we (Paul's Mum, Nan, Nan's friend, and myself) all went on the yearly trip to Lechlade near the Cotswolds. Very tranquil, and pretty neck of the British countryside.

We first stopped in the Black Cat Teahouse, and had tea and scones (how British!!) and had a talk about Paul's Grandad and Paul.

After having our Black Cat top up, we headed on to one shop where Christmas is everyday!! The Christmas Shop in Lechlade is the most amazing shop in the world! I love it. I was gandering round, my eyes twinkling, my hands itching to get into it!! So, I grabbed a basket, and looked, felt, and oohed many times as I wandered happily around the small shop. Slowly, I picked some pretty items I knew would look beautiful in our flat.

Little Ornaments: Gingerbread Stocking, Gingerbread Felt Man, Knitted Stocking, Love Heart.
Big Ornaments: Christmas Tree with dangles!

Paul Mum saw a little purple Christmas tree decoration, and we searched low and high and we couldn't find a silver one to go with it!

We then worked our way along to a gorgeus Antiques Shop. I spend a fortune (in my mind). Slowly I weaved my way up and round the little shop, and done more ooing and ahhing!

And picked up this;

£4! How cute is it?! I saw another heart but only had £4 left :(

We decided about 12:30pm it would be a good time to go and sit down for lunch. We went to the Riverside Inn; gorgeus food, very homely atmosphere, and reasonable pricing!

How beautiful is that?! I had gammon, chips and salad. Soooo moreish!

We wandered back slowly darting in and out of more shops, and at 2:30pm decided to make our way home. Such an amazing day.


I'm getting very excited about Christmas though as this year me and Paul will be waking, spending the whole day, and enjoying the day together for the first time. 

So here is the start of the crochetted decorations;

Look at it!!! How gorgeus is it?

I'm going to toddle off out, as I have to get some bits in for tonight. Muchos love love xxxxxx


Hello everyone!!

I'm so sorry I've been away from you all for all this time. Alls I can say is that it has been hectic, super hectic!!

In the new year I will be moving (again) to a newer, bigger home with his tallness. So I am on a huge destash mission if you could all help me out I'd love you all dearly: My little Ebay space!

While I have been away I have definately had my ups and oh so down downs. His tallness has been searching for another job as he's not paid nearly as good as IT Technicians should be paid.. I'm trying to get myself back in the mood for crochet, crafts and dreads; but I can't bring myself to lift out of this slump..

Now to help with this lickle hick-up, my Dad decided to buy my Mum a new food processor. I have been blessed with this lovely old rickety thing that I have been using as long as I can remember for baking cakes, and other confectionary!

 Look at it!! So far it's made making cakes a lot easier!

I'll post some more in a moment, don't want to make entries too long, heh heh. xx