Sunday, 14 February 2010

The so far fruits of my creative labour

Heyy all. I finally have some photos for you all :D

Aren't they pretty? Only two more sets to make! :) They I've completed at least one of the things I need to finish on my week off :D

For anyone on Facebook who are into abit of very loud, ear punishing music; please check out a friend's band called Borelia Mass. They play metal. Lots of growls, mighty guitar and bass riffs, and to make it oh so music to my ears presicion drumming. Well thought out. If you like metal - Add them!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Sometimes all you need is rest

Ahh, am so looking forward to having next week all for myself and the Mr. He booked from the 16th - 19th February off work so we can go flat hunting and viewing; so now I have to whole week off!

In the mean time, I have a very painful neck after last nights gig >.< Have not headbanged in a while and now it's very tender... Well Done to local lads Borelia Mass for getting through to Stage 2 of Surface Unsigned!

Have also got many hours this week book up at work! So my crafting is taking a side seat. I'll make a list on here of my "I will complete in the week I'm off";
  • My Creative Poems & Noro Shawl
  • At least two of the 5 sleeves I need to make for the white tubs (I now have three more!!)
  • Part one of my secret project :) - I will not even post photos until it is complete!! Now that's dedication to a project ;)
Not many projects on the go; which is good. But the ones I am doing are mammoth tasks :( One day I will be able to manage life, work, and crafts. But for now I will have to make do. x