Monday, 8 February 2010

Sometimes all you need is rest

Ahh, am so looking forward to having next week all for myself and the Mr. He booked from the 16th - 19th February off work so we can go flat hunting and viewing; so now I have to whole week off!

In the mean time, I have a very painful neck after last nights gig >.< Have not headbanged in a while and now it's very tender... Well Done to local lads Borelia Mass for getting through to Stage 2 of Surface Unsigned!

Have also got many hours this week book up at work! So my crafting is taking a side seat. I'll make a list on here of my "I will complete in the week I'm off";
  • My Creative Poems & Noro Shawl
  • At least two of the 5 sleeves I need to make for the white tubs (I now have three more!!)
  • Part one of my secret project :) - I will not even post photos until it is complete!! Now that's dedication to a project ;)
Not many projects on the go; which is good. But the ones I am doing are mammoth tasks :( One day I will be able to manage life, work, and crafts. But for now I will have to make do. x

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