Thursday, 10 March 2011

Getting ideas for summer wear

This time last year, I wanted to make myself some gorgeus summerwear. Being a size 16-18 it is becoming difficult to find anything affordable, and stylish.

The lovely Suz posted this beautiful jacket that she's working on. I love how bright it is!! I may go down the blue, brown and purple route because it would suit my hair ;)

I've been watching this gorgeus dress top for a while on Etsy. It's by a lovely and beautiful dreadhead called ArliaFlower. I've wanted to make my own variation of the top, just because I know best what would flatter my rather odd proportions. I have the cotton for the bottom part, and the yarn. It's the getting round to it!!

I just saw this on my friend's shop and had to make a point about these very pretty boho / hippy coats! I LOVE them. This particular coat was made by a gorgeus gal from the States called mraur. Her style is very boho / hippy with a twist. She also makes stunning dreads and yarn wraps.

How bright is this?! I love love love love it sooo much. Once again from some of the gorgeus girls on Etsy. The shop name is ChopstixWaits. All of this ladies items is made from handdyed, handspun, reclaimed fabrics and yarns. I have true love for this girl and her work!

I love how colourful this brooch is! Everytime I see it on my favourites, I just want to sing!! This handcrafted colour explosion is from a lady called Charlotte Alexandra. Her work is truely unique, inspired and something I will one day own <3

Now last but certainly not least in my ideas for colourful summer gear is from a wonderful friend of mine, Kirsty. Her work is inspired by tribal, ethnic, gothic, and the geek within us.
I love the simplicity of this necklace. And the idea she gets for her jewellery is rather cool. DysfunctionDesigns is her shop on Etsy, she also has a Blog: DysfunctionDesigns where she ha instructions on how to win one of her beautiful bracelets!!

I think I'm done sending the love for today :P But I hope you all have a look on these shops, along with mine!


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