Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Snippets of my June and a small talk

It's been a long month for me and Paul. There's been arguements, many tears, and many many things hitting the fan..We decided that having all this stress isn't good for us. Don't worry we haven't split haha, still very much together!! We have done a lot of talking, a lot of thinking, and we put all the stress down to our finances (which is a route of all evil).

On the plus note, I'm coming down in weight again (yippeee) and I've gone from just shy of a UK dress size 20, to just under a UK Size 18.. I'm a size 16!!!!! I'm over the moon!! If I carry on losing the weight the way I'm going, next year I'll be a size 14!!And I cannot talk of our plans for next summer, and how much it's going to change our lives if all goes well ;) Hence the pretty crochet in the last post.
Here's my buys for June. I know it looks a lot, but  bought from my favourite wool shop that is closing down :(
Some of the knitting patterns.  I am in love with chunky patterns and aran knits on babies.

 Some of the gorgeus wools. I love love love love patels shades in the summer months for baby wear.

 Ribbon, beads and sewing needles!!!!

Purple & Pink flowery buttons <3

Plastic toggles for dread hats. I'm going on a mission to use up a lot of my odd balls of yarn, so these are a MUST!

 Some more yummy fabrics; felt to start on my Christmas decorations, 4 pale green fat quaters, pink flowery fq, green flower fq, 2 metres of muslin, 1 metre of pale coffee coloured cotton, ethnic print 1 metre.

 Fabric flowers minty green.

 Some hair bands to make some pretty headbands, charms.

Little coin purse (I have a matching bag aswell) that I'm using for notions for crochetting on the bus.
Made by: Kellye @ The Cute Alternative

My makes from the past month;

 Pastel African Flower Crochet Set
On Etsy
Vintage African Flower Crochet Set
On Etsy

Chunky Multi Coloured Dread Hat
On Etsy

What do you think? A lot of fun ;D

I'm going to love you and leave you for abit, but don't worry I'll start posting abit more frequently again ;) xx

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