Monday, 26 September 2011


Hello everybody.

I'm still alive, just haha. Been abit of a hectic 2 months to say the least! I shall now reveal where I've been hiding all this time.

I now have a new job, one closer to home, about 20 minutes walk down a hill. I now work for the Yorkshire company "Greggs". You've all seen them! They make amazing sausage rolls, cornish pasties, egg custard tarts, and the most amazing double choccie muffins (yep, you can indeed tell what I've been munching on). At Greggs, I am called a "Senior Team Member" which is like a supervisor.

This involved me handing in my notice at a job I truely loved at Lush. So, while working my notice at Lush, I was doing 20 hours a week of training in Kettering Bakers Oven. In the space of 12 days (over the latter part of my training), I didn't stop. Over these 12 days I worked 52 hours. You read that right: FIFTY-TWO HOURS!!! Tired, pah, that word was merely only half of what I felt!! Begging my words but bloody exhausted was the summary.

The first week of September, the Rushden branch of Greggs finally opened! Huzzar. At least you'd think! Because of all this buzzing about this a blue arsed fly, I found myself being rushed into hospital. I have a 2.5mm kidney stone lodged between my kidney and my bladder. It felt like someone had dislodged my hip, stabbed my side, and had epic wind all in one go..

So, for three weeks I've been in agony, but not confessing to anyone how much pain I'm truely in. But we'll get there.

Craft work has kind of gone out the window for the past 2 months, but I'll show off what I've made so far ;)

 My stitch markers and row counters!

My flower key fobs!

Rainbow baby bag charm

Christmas button tree!

Oddment Pastel iPhone Pouch

Small stash pouch.
Gosh, not a lot, but just enough pretty things to last.

Hopefully, I will try and post on the days I'm off, and try and show more goodies more often!

Love to you all xxx

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