Saturday, 28 January 2012

Simple Saturday Sorting

Hello hello!

Hope you are all well. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster week, chocker block full of emotions and tears and tantrums.

I got a missed call on Monday from my doctors. They had my CT scan test results back, and I've been requested by my GP to go back to the hospital for a specialist appointment... Have I told you all about this yet? (shows how pants my memory is right now)
Okay, just after Christmas I got rushed back to hospital with severe back and abdominal pain. Had a blood test and an xray done on that day. It was really scary driving to Kettering General at 3am.They said they found something in my blood, but couldn't be sure of what it was.
I got asked to come back 16th January at 7pm for a CT scan. And now I have to wait until the end of February for my check up / results. So, nerve wracking time about health..

In other news, my creating spree has been through the roof!! I haven't shown you everything that's been crafted lately either?! My gosh I'm a tad behind.


Lots and Lots of brooches, and the last photo is some embellishments :)

There we go, my Etsy again! I've got a large bag of wool that neeeeeeeeds using up, mainly 100g balls so I'll be crafting like crazy when we finish the move!

My my that's something else that hasn't been told! We are moving on Tuesday into a new house!! It's beautiful <3

But yes, I will get lots more photos and posts in soon. I will try my hardest!


  1. All the best with the move, how nice to be moving somewhere that is 'beautiful'. I love your flowers flower :) x

  2. Lucy: Thank you so much! I feel such a positive energy in our new house. It's come round so quick too. xx