Monday, 14 September 2009

Life, the universe, and everything!

Well I've got loads on the go including yet more hats, my own pattern for a set of gorgeus slouchy socks which I'll get the pattern written up for :3

Other than, me and Paul (my better half / fiancee) are looking for a place to rent. It's getting very difficult trying to find anything we can remotely afford :/ Either which way, I've got loads for sale on Ebay:
It's mainly fabric, some of my knitwears, and abit of others items. So feel free to have a mooch :)

Back on the knitting needles, I've got so many projects to complete and get photos of! I've been working on crochet too :D Getting pretty good now.

Keep an ear out on here for stuff I'm selling / taking customs for.

Chrissy x

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