Thursday, 28 January 2010

Finding use for Lush Tubs

I'm a happy bunny right now. At work (La La La La Lush!!) there are all these bloody containers that never get used - the ones that the Shower Jellies arrive in; so me and my Dad went over on my day off to go and collect said containers. In true me style - I forgot the white tubs >.< The ones the Butter Creams come in! So today; while helping Hannah and Wai clean, buff and polish our little shop in readiness for Nick's return from being off ill; I cleaned all three white tubs and found uses for them.

Tub 1: Put all Fresh Fruit and Veg for displays in ready for Nick to put into Tupperware tomorrow for the fridge
Tub 2: Crack in the side, but will make funky crochetted sleeve for round the tub, the hand and a little crochetted top for... you know. The top, the lid.
Tub 3: Ideal little bucket for moving out and using as cleaning supplies storage, and mini wash bucket.

Excellent plan me thinks!

I want to do the crochetted one in bright and fun colours, as when me and the tall on move out it will be a perfect container for all my knitting needles!

*Note for next time; Need to put up all my WIPs (Work In Progress') photos!*

Have a good night all! x

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