Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Missed you all!!

Hi all, I thought as it's my week off from work, I'd pop onto my blog to see how you all are. I'm sorry I am not writing and showing off my handy works, but you can have a lovely burst of colourful wonderful.

Look at this beautiful thing.
My favourite creation so far!
My "Taste The Rainbow" Dread Hat.
Isn't it gorgeus?

My lapgan (a lap blanket for those who didn't know). Made from Stylecraft Special DK, Rowan Pure Wool DK and Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino DK. Oh so colourful. And very much soft!

I've also been working on a very secret project with the help of the lovely ladies on the we-love-lucy Ravelry group. Someone currently in need of some soft, colourful, cotton, ribbony, Lush tastic, "one for the Lucy" style goodies. And her name is Lucy. She owns the fantastic blog called Attic24, that has inspired not only myself but THOUSANDS of men, women and kidlets to place a little bit more colour in their life.
Lucy has honestly been an inspiration for so many and when we all saw this very sad post; my brain went into overdrive on trying to find ways of giving her a "Pick Me Up". So here is a sneaky peek into the goodies that we have all put together for you Lucy;

I just realised my blog is 12 months and 2 days old!

I'll try and get more posting done soon, as I have missed it :) Thank you to those who do read my blog!

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  1. Oh wow!!! That hat is amazing! I love the colours for the lapgan too. :)

  2. Heyy Ozzy Blackbeard :)

    Thank you for the lovely comment - I'm also working on a chunky granny stripe lapgan for my fiancée aswell :) it's all systems crochet here lol!!