Saturday, 3 July 2010

Inspired by!

I can't believe it's 4 days until my birthday! I'm looking forward to it as there's been so much change lately. And of all the things, one group on Ravelry has been inspiration to my eyes, ears and nose!!

We Love Lucy group was set up in dedication to the work and love of Lucy at Attic24; I've mentioned her many times in my blog. Though this group I found > Crafty Valley. She's been posting all sorts of colourful things on her blog of late!! And I have been inspired to try my hand at one of the bags that she will be posting a pattern of.

I've had a lack of inspiration - with so many projects on the go and trying to get things complete, it's proving worryingly difficult to do anything!

So to "inspire" myself to complete my projects; I decided to purchase myself some rather yummy new yarn!!

Look at that!! 12 balls of James C Brett Kool Kotton. Cotton / Acrylic blend. Pastel prettiness!

I'm trying to finish the ripple, and the bag, and the so much more.

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  1. Yes you really did treat yourself, lovely colours. A big inspiration to finish your articles and find something brilliant to make with the new purchase.