Saturday, 18 December 2010

Comfy feets

Heyy all!!!

Finished my comfy feets! Very comfy on my swollen feet for this chilly night.

My current work in progress. How colourful ;) I'm looking forward to it's completion.

This was a gift from a lady who owns a shop in Northampton. I gave her some gorgeous Snowcake soap as my random act of kindness. She came in today and gave me this gorgeous Christmas present to me, handmade by her. Whoever you are lovely lady - thank you so much. It really made my day <3 much love to you!!

I will love you all and leave you with the small snow flurry we had on Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend! Xx

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Location:Blackfriars,Rushden,United Kingdom


  1. the comfy feets look so cosy
    and i love the hexies

    oh and the christmas pud is soooo cute!!


    this is sumea from ravelry btw

  2. Cute warmers for the feets!

  3. great hex's Chrissy - I'm keen to start a project like that next year :)
    Wonderful colours !
    Have a lovely Christmas, snow and all !

  4. Thank you all :D I'm glad comfy feets are a hit! I highly recommend granny square slippers as they are "comfy feets" xx