Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Amazing projects that inspire!

I decided today to have a nosey through some of my favourite blogs to get some craft inspiration, ready for Christmas, and the New Year.

This was an entry for a photography competition, which was posted on this lovely blog called "MeMe Rose". I would love to be a part one day of a project of this size!

Helsinki Cathedral is high on my list of places to visit, because of how beautiful this architecture truely is.

Ah Finland. How I love thee <3

Visit Helsinki

This lovely lady has only been crochetting for 18 months, and has completed a wide array of projects for her and her little family. The colour always draws my eyes to her posts <3

I saw this entry while noseying through my latest blog posts lists on the dashboard for Blogger. And thought "I would love to make something like these!". What an idea though? Have a read of these 30 Days for $30 posts!

I love love love Lucy's blog and her patterns. She recently bought one of my little funky phone covers.

And I cannot wait to know when it arrives :D With someone with so much talent buying from me, makes me have faith in craft!

I neeeeed to make one of these though for my ever expanding hook collection!

How cute is that! You can make it into a little tree topper, a pin cushion, a decoration. The possibilities are endless!!

I have many different yarns that MUST be used just for this project <3


It's blogs like these that give me hope that crafting will be carried through the generations. Whether it was our mothers, fathers, grandparents, or even great grandparents that taught us; I have hope that our children, and further into the future, these crafts will always be known!


  1. Aaaah, I am truly flattered by the shout out, I can't wait for my phone cover to arrive either, my poor phone is chilly without one! :) x

  2. New headshot photo! Nice!
    I adore Coco Rose's blog and Attic 24. Ooo, the colours...lush!
    Z xx

  3. Just stumbled on your lovely blog - love this post. Crafting is certainly alive and well.

  4. Thank you everyone!! Welcome to new friends!! xx