Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dinner time!

Nom nom

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  1. Er, it's quarter past four and I'm just sitting down to have my lunch! Where did today go? Nothing as difficult as boiled eggs(!)...brown loaf of some sort and Davidstow cheese, with a side order of a super-purring Rene. (She'll be lucky. Not!)
    Goodness, you've a bum week, haven't you, Chrissy?
    But like you say, lots of craftiness fun to be had. Also, I guess some stores will be taking on Christmas staff now, so a bit of craft, a bit of P/T work to keep the wolf from the door, and just enjoy your enforced situation.
    Z xx

  2. That sounds rather yummy! Those boiled eggs didn't last very long lol!

    It's been abit pants, but had some lovely people along for the ride with me :)

    Paul's friend, Andy, told me of a job going at his work and told me it's actually what he does. So I've applied! It's full time as well.

    Finger's crossed (oh I so went to type crochet) xxx