Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve!!

My my hasn't this year flown by.

Today, we'll be getting the flat tidy again in readiness for us moving to a new house at the start of february. Yayyy!! So, I've been noseying at pretty new things for our new home, and what patterns I can use to make pretty things from my stash.

Speaking of stash, it has actually stayed at a constant for about 3 months :O That shows you how poorly I've been working through it :( Ah, I'll find something pretty to make that uses up lots.

I've been on a "liking" spree of patterns on Ravelry. Things I might like to try! Because we all know how bad I am at having UFOs! (Un finished objects to the non-crafters amongst us).
Just a few patterns I neeeeeeed to try!

But I really should return to the world of tidying and getting things pretty for Santa, need to make him some cookies for the road! Merry Christmas all <3

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