Thursday, 15 December 2011


This year has been very tough for me and Paul, we've between us had our fair share of ups and oh so horrible downs.

I decided to reflect on how hard it really has been this with Paul, because we've been taking it out on each other.. Which is what you always do in times of stress.

January: supposed to move into a lovely house, but had to move back out.

February: fallout from the stress of the move out- then back. Grandad Mac passed away.

March: talks began about Paul's grandad going into hospital for a hip replacement. Mum trying to get through a groggy cold and cough.

April: started looking for a new job as I wanted something closer to home.

May: Paul's 25th birthday. It was amazing, but expensive.

June: applied for Greggs. My sister's 18th party, such a palaver to organise!

July: my birthday, got an interview for Greggs. Paul failed driving test. Paul's grandad finally had his hip replaced.

August: left Lush and started greggs. Worked myself to death. Paul passed his driving test, and buys his first car!

September: rushed to hospital with Kidney Stones. Started at rushden greggs. Paul had car accident.

October: mine and Paul's 5 years together. Grandad Andrews passed away.

November: lost my job. Applied for MCE Insurance, and got offered the job 9 days after loosing my old job. Saw Alter Bridge, Theory of a Deadman, and Black Stone Cherry! Great night <3

December: I started my new job, I gained a truly valued friend, and really lovely person. My mum got rushed to hospital with a horrible chest infection.

There has been people this year that I couldn't have been without! Me and Paul wouldn't have got through this year without our families, our nearest and dearest friends, and some stragglers we picked up on the way.

I truly hope next year will get better, and that me and Paul can get on the things and plans we promised each other at the start of this year.

Every well wish on my blog has meant so much to me, and I cannot thank all of you enough. I love you all dearly, and I hope to keep you about going into 2012 cx

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  1. Hopefully 2012 will be heaps more fun!
    You'll have grown stronger, both together and as individuals, with all the shit that you have been dealt this year.
    Enjoy Christmas - toast those who have passed away and enjoy time with loved ones.
    And look forward to next year!
    Big hugs
    Zoe xx