Saturday, 25 February 2012

Delights of home

I do love when I get to spend time at home. Time to spend doing what I used to enjoy much of: creating.

Now, my parents would say "What a mess?". My fiancee would say "What more unfinished projects?". And my colleagues may say "What complaints?".

I'm inclined to disagree with all three! I enjoy creating through baking yummy cookies from Lucy's recipe. I love creating beautiful things from yarn. I also love creating a calm and cozy atmosphere, so on my days off I can chill.

Would you like to see some of my creative spouts?

Row 1: Romantic Rose Brooch // Chunky Odd Match Preemie / Newborn Hat
Row 2: Pink Rainbow Nappy Cover // Winter Granny Stripe Smart Phone Cozy
Row 3: Springtime Flower Headband // Winter to Spring Birdie Wall Hanging
Row 4: Easter Crochet Stripe Wist Cuff // Rainbow Merino Necklace

I do have some more project that need finishing, but it's getting there. Starting to feel like I'm getting into a routine with new job, new home, new life. Feel like things are finally back on the right track, the track back to feeling more normal and human since last August. I wouldn't have got where I am now without the help of friends, family or loved ones.

Also, you may recall last year on 1st March I posted about the passing of my Grandfather. It'll be a year tomorrow since losing him. Admittedly, I barely saw him after he moved from Wales to Nottingham. But it's still shocking that it's been a year. I won't ever forget.

Okay, before I well up, I'm going to indulge in the homemade cookies (fudge and honeycombe oaty variety) cooling in the kitchen. Love you all for now xx


  1. Love your romantic rose.
    I made Lucy's cookies this week too!
    Tonight I've baked Jane Brocket's flapjacks and Ted & Bunny's Viennese Whirls. Phew!
    Just going to sit and watch Casualty and eat my dinner...roast beef Yorkshire pudding with heaps of veg. Have to admit that is from Morrisons!!
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    Z xx

  2. Which cookies? I was wanting to bake cookies. Lol.