Saturday, 11 February 2012

Welcome to my new home

Welcome to my new home!

It's rather chilly today. Minus temperatures apparently. Not looking forward to going outside.

This was the beautiful view from my bedroom this morning. So frosty, yet so snowy. The remainder of this weeks snow - from 7 days ago and Thursday.

I am loving my new home. Would you like to see more?



Paul's craft room;

My craft room;


Living room;

Welcome hall; (more like a dumping ground for all the shoes and coats)

And the kitchen!!

And of course my garden;

Th kitchen was certainly the selling point for me and Paul, it's HUGE!!!! My Dad is heavily into cooking, so was very impressed.

I'm already working on the blanket for the craft room, blanket for the bed (which you've only seen the colours, not the blanket in progress).

So life is getting better. I hope this year remains as good as my heart feels right now!

Location:Grangeway,,United Kingdom


  1. Congratulations. How exciting to have a new home. I love your kitchen too. You will have to keep us updated on how you decorate. Once you are all settled that is the fun part.

  2. It looks fabulous! Love that kitchen.
    Z xx