Thursday, 20 May 2010

Feeling Nostalgic

As me and Paul are moving on June 1st into our first place together. I thought I'd tell him honestly what has been running through my head on my week off.

Next week it will be 8 years of living in this very small town/villiage, and I remember moving day. I remember all the stress and strain of the night before; this time I have stock take the night before to look forward to!! I remember the immense amount of tears.

Then I remember the moving of boxes from the very large removal van we had to rent out, and I still remember the amount of tears that came afterwards while unpacking.

I actually look back on my 8 years in this place as some of the hardest years of my life so far. And looking back on it; it lead me to become the person I am today.

Me and Paul live with the knowing that we'll have each other through thick and thin. He is the yin to my yang; to some extent. I've always said to him "You have to go through a certain amount of hell to find something worth living for". I was going through that hell when I found him. He had also been going through that hell when he found me.

It's not often I get all nostalgic; but when I do, it kicks me abit hard. And I look back again, and remember all the times this room, this house, and this town have given me memories. And it will keep giving me memories, as my family still lives here. My family also live in the town we are moving to, and how it really isn't that far away.

Now I have; "Just a Man" by Faith No More, on. Fantastic song. And I will show you my Etsy shop!!

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