Monday, 14 June 2010

Ahh, cuppa is all you need

To some degree I'm glad I have alot of the day to myself. I'm able to spend time relaxing; which is just what the doctor ordered.

According to family and friends I'm much more sensitive that what I usually am; and I'm inclined to agree. Tears for no reason, getting stroppy over petty things. Sounds more like a teenager than a grown woman!

I am trying to find a root to my issue, and thus far have figured that;

I'm not sleeping / resting nearly as much as I should be.
I'm assuming the worst before working out the problem in the first place.
I'm naturally oversensitive.

Pretty poor list eh? Ah well.

Now me and the tall one are getting back into a new routine, sleep is honestly suffering. I say roll on when everything is organised properly; that in itself will take time.

I think I should show you all some more pretty things from the new home;

Sneaky peaky at the latest yummy colourful baby things that will be on my etsy shop.

Some charity shop bargins in their rightful place - next to our new kettle.

Our cookie jar! Isn't he amazing? Pauls mum got him for us for Christmas, and he currently has bourbons and custard creams in. Nom nom nom!!

Newly made bed. Needs a crochetted something to make it complete! Hmm. Another excuse to crochet hehe.

Another two charity shop bargins - my little ballerina clock, and a fun colourful vase with some rather beautiful purple tulips in!

And my favourite area is just on top on my bookcase in the craft room. The photo frame my mum found and gave me 2 years ago. In the photo is my godmother - Auntie Pam - who sadly passed away 4 years ago, and me with my brother and sisters. This was taken about 10 years ago. I miss her greatly. I hope she would be proud of me and what I've become, and the man who I want to marry.

Finally, as on Wednesday I will be doing a fun show off of socks.. Some may not find it all that fascinating; but I love socks!! Every day I will take a photo of my sockies. Here are a couple of my favourites;

Hot air balloon sockies. Brought from matalan <3

My punkyfish apple socks. Brought in February in the Milton Keynes branch of Punkyfish! I kept setting the alarm off - rather embarrasing :(

So yes, I will be showing off alot more soon I hope! Especially my latest beading escapades too!! Xxx

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