Monday, 31 May 2010

The Last 24 Hours!

My gosh it's come round quick! I am now within the last 24 hours of living in my house, and I just had a Hercules C130 go over! Now that is definately a good sign. Had one fly over on Friday too :)

I am pretty much packed up and ready to roll. Just got to fold up my blankets, put away my yarn (don't worry I have some set aside for stressful moments tomorrow and Wednesday). Then it's almost TADA moment for the yummy hexagon styled item I am making for my Etsy shop. All pastels, and it makes me very happy to see that my months of worth on this small item is coming to a quite fitting close.

So I will post a photo and TADA post later on today, for now I will be posting when I can until we get the internet running :)

Tahrah! x

Friday, 28 May 2010

4 days and pretty things to ease the mind

Okay in a moment of weakness, I may have added 11 items to my yarn basket that didn't need adding :P

1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Cream 1005
1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Lemon 1020
1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Apricot 1026
1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Sherbet 1034
1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Candyfloss 1130
1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Spring Green 1316
1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Clematis 1390
1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Aspen 1422
1 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Wisteria 1432
1 x Stylecraft Life DK Mint 2342
2 x Stylecraft Special DK wool Parchment 1218

Why yes. Another pastel blankie!! It will keep mine and the better half's sleeping space very cosy indeed!!

I said to him I was going to make blanket, but never specified how many ;)

I will most definately update with photos as and when they arrive. May get a text while at work saying "Christine your yarn has arrived" to which at 3pm tomorrow I will run to the bus station, bundle my beloved under my arm, catch the 3:30pm X46 be back in Raunds for tea and pretty pastels.
Sounds like a plan ;D

Nonetheless. I am still in a state of nervous wreck (maybe the current sleep deprived blog, and moment of many pounds weakness).

Now I need to sleep as I have to get up and do the final round of posting in preparation for next week; and go to the charity shop with unloved balls of wool for the lovelies in Raunds to buy.

Night night!! xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

6 Days To Go!

Oh my oh my.. It's coming around so quick. Thankfully everything is nearly done.

Need to go and find me a new satchel bag to carry the remainder of some of my clothing in.

Gotta do alot of posting aswell.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Feeling Nostalgic

As me and Paul are moving on June 1st into our first place together. I thought I'd tell him honestly what has been running through my head on my week off.

Next week it will be 8 years of living in this very small town/villiage, and I remember moving day. I remember all the stress and strain of the night before; this time I have stock take the night before to look forward to!! I remember the immense amount of tears.

Then I remember the moving of boxes from the very large removal van we had to rent out, and I still remember the amount of tears that came afterwards while unpacking.

I actually look back on my 8 years in this place as some of the hardest years of my life so far. And looking back on it; it lead me to become the person I am today.

Me and Paul live with the knowing that we'll have each other through thick and thin. He is the yin to my yang; to some extent. I've always said to him "You have to go through a certain amount of hell to find something worth living for". I was going through that hell when I found him. He had also been going through that hell when he found me.

It's not often I get all nostalgic; but when I do, it kicks me abit hard. And I look back again, and remember all the times this room, this house, and this town have given me memories. And it will keep giving me memories, as my family still lives here. My family also live in the town we are moving to, and how it really isn't that far away.

Now I have; "Just a Man" by Faith No More, on. Fantastic song. And I will show you my Etsy shop!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Many many photos! Stitch Markers and more!

Okay I have been abit busy preparing for my move from one town to another. And to some degree I am glad that I have infact moved all my craft supplies together.

In the first two weeks of June, we are going to be getting the internet installed. We will also be transforming one very little room into a crafty haven for myself. The tall one has requested a shelf and a box for comics, and his hardwear for computing. I've granted it only because majority of the stuff in that room is mine, all mine!!

Now onto some pretty photos of my recent crafty escapades!!

Sets of 1;

Sets of 2;

Sets of 3;

Sets of 4;

Sets of 5;

Sets of 6;


Very busy indeed! I'm determined to work on loads for my Etsy shop; that is currently closed until me and OH have internet in the new place :(

So yes indeedy! All the items above will be available to buy in June!!

Friday, 14 May 2010

FREE PATTERN: Adults Summer Hippy Sandals

Heyy! Bare with me I'm in a summery mood, and have never been able to find a pattern that I could follow for these. Also I've never written a pattern before ever, and I'm a lefty, not a righty

All you need to know is Treble Crochet (UK Terminology), and Single Crochet.

I am using a 3.5mm hook, and some bright pink crochet cotton. I believe it's Rowan 4ply Cotton.

There is no tension needed; just work with a thin DK or thick 4 ply.


Section 1: The Toe

Chain 25 in your chosen colour

Now we need to join this lovely chain of colour together.

Yarn over the hook

Poke hook through the first chain of your 25

Yarn over hook again

Pull the 2nd and 3rd loops over the 4th

Now you are left with two.

Yarn over the hook

Now pull the 1st and 2nd loops over the 3rd

Back to one

Your loop should look somewhat like this;

If not, don't panic. Go back and re-trace your steps :)

Section 2: The foot

We are going to begin doing some increasing. So set up as follows;

Chain 2

Yarn over the hook

You see where my thumbnail is? Poke your needle through the little loop that should be poking up when you press down on your join.

Yarn over the hook again.

2nd and 3rd loops over the 4th

Yarn over the hook

Now 1st and 2nd loops over the 3rd

You should have something that looks like this;

What we have done is done 2 trebles. Brilliant huh?!

Follow the same routine when completing the other trebles in this pattern :)

Row 2: Turn your work, Chain 2, then complete 2 trebles in the big hole just below your chain.
You should have something that looks like this;

As you can see, there is 3 chains. Inbetween each of those chains is where we will complete each treble.

Row 3: Turn work, Chain 2, Treble, 2 Trebles.

We now should have 4 chains.

Row 4: Turn work, (Chain 2, Treble), next stitch (Treble), next stitch (2 Trebles).

You should now have 5 chains.

Row 5: Turn work, (Chain 2, Treble), Next 2 stitches (Treble), final stitch (2 Trebles)

You should now have 6 chains.

You need to carry on this until you have 10 chains.

Just remember to only do the increases at the edge!!

Section 3: The ankle

Chain 40

Poke the hook through both loops of the last chain of the point of your triangle.

Yarn over your hook

Pull the first two loops over the 3rd.

Now cut your yarn (about 2.5 inches should be enough)

Pull the yarn through the loop and pull tight!

Nearly tada time! You need to weave in the ends using the crochet hook.

Now you are done!!

They are so quick, you can make a set for each day of the week and you only need one skein of yarn!!

Monday, 10 May 2010

We're Moving!!

Yayy!! Some fantastic news for you all!

I'm moving in with my fiancee on 1st June!!

Very excited to say the least.

At the moment I'm in the midst of a huge muddle that is my room. Trying to organise boxes, and bags, and more blooming boxes!!

I don't mind it so much because it means I will have every single gram of yarn, every single button and bead, every charm and chain; all in one place. I will be able to bead, knit, crochet, sew in the comfort of my own home. What bliss.

That's after packing and unpacking all the supplies and re-arranging. Always the best part. I think kettle on as soon as I get in there will be the best idea!!

Until then, hopefully I'll post more!!