Thursday, 6 January 2011

*cough cough*

Helloo readers. I am afraid that lurgy is starting to hit home here. His tallness has it before and over Christmas, and as usual I get it in January. But do not fret, this will not take hold - I have cold & flu tablets to hand, Lucozade, onion gravy, and brussell sprouts to chase this icky cold into the distance.

Crafting wise, I've got my new etsy shop open now and am trying to get little bits made and onto.

What do you all think to the latest batch of shiney happy crochet?

I'm currently working on a few of the started and not yet finished projects from 2010. Thus far I have;

  1. A baby blanket
  2. Set of wristwarmers
  3. A super huge oddment blanket
  4. Stylecraft baby blanket
  5. Tia's wristwarmers and birthday hat
  6. Captain America Shield
  7. Baby Granny Slippers
This that's about all of them. The reason I have got so many projects on the go is because I get bored working on one project, and being me I get itchy fingers and a bustling brain of ideas! So out comes the hook, out comes the yarn with no real clue what will come of it. Never a good start lol.

To aid with the massize mission of keeping things organised and only working on the projects, I went on a mission on Monday? No, Tuesday (Sorry lack of sleep does nothing for my pants memory). I went on a mission to find me a wicker basket for under £10 from the local rescue / recycling shop.

So, off I waltzed happily down town, saw my younger sister and her boyfriend (6 months together now, naww) and went to the recycling shop. While noseying around, I eyed up this beaut;

I looked inside, around it, and gave it a squeeze. Finally, came to a decision with the help of Katie (my sister) that I should find out the cost. "£3" the nice lady said. To which I hoped and skipped to the bank to draw some fresh dosh out.

When I skipped back, I found these two little pretties;

The tulip wooden ornament I bought mainly for Paul because he loves tulips (so bought him some crimson tulips from Sainsbury's today for £2.99). Then decided that a new(ish) purse was in order. And giddily walked to the till with happiness at my soon to be new additions to the growing clutter in our flat.

£3 for 3 items! How lucky was I?! Bloody chuffed is more like it!!

Also new purchses wise, I have being sent to me;
How yummy does all this new stuff look?!

I am going to return to crochetting, and maybe having a cup of tea and medicine. Hope you are all well, and try not to catch "the dreaded lurgy"! x

~**Can I also put in a random thank you to those who are reading and commenting, it really does mean alot when my ramblings aren't just frowned at lol! I hope I "hook" more of you lovelies into crochetting-a-long with me :)**~

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  1. the stars are so pretty! you are such a busy bee.
    hope you manage to beat off the bugs xxx