Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gotta have a plan to loose the weight

Well I've come to the conclusion that loosing weight is my only option to be happier in myself, to be healthier in my own body..

Starting weight of; 15 stone 1 lbs / 217 lbs
Height; 5 ft 5
Body Mass Index; 36.1 = Obese

Clothing Size; Anwhere between a 16 and 20

It's the ugly and horrible truth. But I'm going to do this for me. Sick and tired of having agonising joint pain and hiding it from everyone, being in floods of tears over stupid bloody things.

So, to try and improve myself I'm going to go to my GP for blood tests to check my hormone levels (a lot of the time it can be down to an under-active or over-active thyroid). At least that will tell me where I stand.

With moving into a new place at the end of the month, and watching my pennies even closer, hopefully this will entice me.

Sorry about this random post; I'm just so fed up of being the size I am. When me and Paul first got together I was a shocking 10 STONE 12!!!

My targets for this year;

Weight; 13 stone
Clothing Size; UK Size 16.

Would anyone like to join me in Challenge Weight Loss?

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