Thursday, 27 January 2011

Moving Again??!!

Hii all!!

Thought I'd give you all the heads up, as I'll probably be without the internet for about a week (stupid Virgin Media *shakes fist at evil company*) and will be moving a little way from where me and his tallness currently live.

So what have I been up to on the crochet front? Well I did promise you on Sunday some photos of my polka dotty, rainbow, bright extravaganza!!!

Well that was a splash of colour wasn't it? This beautiful and warm throw is going to get a gorgeus pillow & bunting to match the colours, and will be all mine for the new craft room.

I've got so many blankets and buntings and cushions and pillows and bright stars and many more crochet things to make. Gahhh!!!! At least it uses my wool and each room gets its own splash of yummy colour.

Each room has been allocated a colour scheme, and what I shall make for it;
  1. Master Bedroom
    Colours: Purple, Orange and Brown
    To Crochet: Pair of 18" Square Cushions, and king size throw for our bed.
  2. Single Bedroom
    Colours: Blue and Cream
    To Crochet: 18" Rectangular Cushion, and single bed sized throw.
  3. Craft Room
    Colours: Brights and Rainbow
    To Crochet: 18" Square Cushion to match throw
  4. Dining Room / Gaming Area
    Colours: Greens and Yellows
    To Crochet: Make covers for sofa cushions, and super chunky throw
  5. Living Room
    Colours: Black, White, Gray and Red
    To Crochet: 3 18" Cushions & throw to match
  6. Bathroom
    Colours: Turquoise
    To Crochet: Surrounds for bath bomb / cosmetics box, and for plant pots
  7. Conservatory
    Colours: Orange, Red, and Yellow
    To Crochet: 4 18" Cushions and throw for wicker sofa
  8. Kitchen
    Colours: Pastels
    To Crochet: Bunting for window, coasters for tea/coffee/sugar containers, and teapot cover
A lot of crochet to be done, and a lot of packing still to be done..

I will see you all again after I emerge from the mountain of clutter!

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  1. Hello, just saw your blanket on Lucy's group on Ravelry and wanted to pop over and say how lovely it is. Very different and unique. Take care, O. xx