Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bloody Cakes.. COOK!

Heyy all. As the title suggests, I'm having a lot of quarrels with my oven at the moment. I attempt to make cakes to cheer myself and his tallness up. But it just won't go my way. Bloody cakes..

I have an indesit oven, this was in the property when we moved in. I cook things on 200 degrees centigrade as 180 degrees isn't working. Hmph. On average, I end up leaving cakes in the oven for an hour and half! Now tell me that isn't mean't to be normal cooking time, and I shall agree.

Nonetheless, I've been on abit of a crafting bug trying to get my supplies used up as I keep buying more..

Here's the latest in the line of handmades for my Etsy & Folksy pages;

What do you think? I loveeeeee the bracelets, and am thinking of making my own jewellery as and when me and the tall one start planning our wedding *rolls eyes*..

My Folksy shopis still abit of a work in progress, but here it is for you all to have a gander at. Clicksy my tricksy little linky..

But yes. I'm going to return to my mean oven and it's non-cooking <3

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  1. Blogger is being a real pain at the mo!
    I did leave a comment on here and now it's gone!
    Still, found the wedding gem!
    Z xx