Sunday, 22 May 2011

Send A Healing Thought

My friend, Emma (from The Butterfly Hobbist), directed me onto a wonderful blog called "What's It To Hue?" <

Recently, this wonderful lady - Amybeads - found out that two friends have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Those that know me very well know that my own Mum has had Cancer; not Breast Cancer, but Hodgkins Diesease - which is another aggressive form of cancer which attacks the lymph nodes.
Since being given the all clear, Mum has suffered terribly every winter with chest infections that reduce her to being on extremely strong antibiotics, and having to use her inhaler many many times a day. Two winters ago, her doctor finally admitted that something isn't right, and that her chest should have healed after 11 years!
So, she was sent to a fantastic hospital called Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. She's been for pretty much every test you can think of! Finally, she was told the tiniest of tiny tubes in her lungs are damaged beyond repair. And that she will have to have her immune system "topped up", as it were, as it was that badly hit when she had Cancer.
As you can tell, cancer means a lot to me, and so much so that me, Mum, and my younger sister are going to do that Race For Life in Bedford this summer. I don't know how I'll emotionally deal with this, as I was 11 years old when my Mum first got ill, and at 23 it still hurts!

Back on topic, Amybeads has asked all designers of jewellery, knitwear, crochet to create something with a pink and green theme.
The website says; "Although green is the primary color used with the heart chakra, it can also be effective to use pink stones (such as rose quartz or rhodonite) if more softness, affection and love seem to be needed in working with the heart chakra."
I've always been a big fan of the colours pink & green used together. Whether it be hair, jewellery, knitting or crochet.
I have created a necklace with this theme of pink & green, and hope you all enjoy <3

 I bought the watch face about 3 years a go, and have wanted to use it in a project for a while now.

I hope we find a cure for all cancers at some point in our futures, and that no more families have to go through the agony that cancer brings xx


  1. That is beautiful! I still have to make my piece but I should be able to find time today.

    Hope everything with your mom turns out alright. I've had a few family get various cancer so I understand your fears.

  2. Thank you so much. I'm sure my Mum will get there, just it's going to be a very long road :) xx

  3. This is so gorgeous Chrissy! I love it - it's like nature meets steampunk. And how perfect is that ribbon in the face of the watch!?!?! Thanks for playing along. I'll be putting up the linky tool on June 7 so be sure to come by and add your link that day.

    Sending many healing thoughts to your mom as well. Hodgkins is no fun and I hope she gets through her care with comfort.

  4. So sorry to hear about your mum; but I guess now you know why then that can be treated which, hopefully, will alleviate at least some of the problems next winter.
    Your necklace is beautiful. I love pink and green together too! So pretty.
    Have a great Bank Holiday weekend, (hope you're not working over all of it!).
    Z xx