Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crafty show off again!

It's been a little while, and a tad chilly again! UK weather systems can never make their minds up eh? Haha!

Show off of more goodies!!!

Baby Bits!


Flower Embellishments

Stupid Blogger took forever to get these photos, cursed item *enter angry grumble here*....

But yes, what do you all think? Ears or no ears for the first hat :)

They'll be up on Etsy by the end of tonight, along with two set of fingerless mitts as well!!

TTFN!!! xx


  1. I'm really pro ears! Is it sad that I'm sat indoors but have a hat on with a bear face? It's not even *that* cold!

    I love the hat :-) (yours I mean)

  2. Bless you! It's been really chilly, and the sun setting early is making me miss the Spring.

    I love making cotton and pure wool hats :) I may have to add ears ^_^