Friday, 7 October 2011

Silver lining

Hello all!!

Well, I bring good news. I got a letter last week saying I've got an appointment booked in for a check up on my evil kidney stone! On 27th October I will finally find out if said kidney stone has passed naturally, if not, I will be in for 2 days for it to be blasted with an ultrasound. Oooer!

But, as I was feeling a bit glum I bought me a little present (well.. more than just one of course). The gorgeus "Cute & Easy Crochet" book by Nicki Trench. Amazinggggg!!!!!!! And some gorgeus eyeshadows from Noella Beauty Works in Lime, Deep Waters, Pistachio, Silver Moss, and a small grab bag! How good do I feel :) Bloody fantastic.

How's the job going you ask? Well, like any new job, I have my good days and my bad ones. But I've been told by my managers, my area manager, and the regional trainer that I put myself down too much (now you'll all know that I do that a bit too frequently), and should believe in myself a bit more.
On the plus side, I got invited last Thursday round a work friends' house / flat for an Ann Summers party. So very funny!

Me sporting one of the dress up sailor outfits (IN A UK SIZE 16!!!!! Success!), and my gorgeus work friend, Sam. There are two other lovely ladies (including the set of eyes) sporting dress up outfits.
I forgot to mention, my tall one had his first prang in the General Chang (his little red Ford KA, please note he is a Star Trek nerd). A Toyota Yaris got a bit too close for comfort. Had to buy a new door for General and got our land lady, who is a registered mechanic, to fix it with Paul while I went Lush shopping!!  All is fine now,  just getting Paul's confidence up.

So, as you can see life is still having it's up and downs, but I know there always will be a silver lining.

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