Monday, 31 January 2011

And then we moved back?

Well that was short and sweet!

Moved into the new place, and it was issue after issue! So. We moved back.

It was just one huge up heavel for me, my fiancee and our families. Completely un-necessary fluff up on her end, and I'm glad all this stress is over with.

I need to thank Paul's Mum, Dad and Uncle; simon's dad-in-law; my Mum and Dad. Your help was needed by a long shot and we had a few giggles with it and that was needed too. Just THANK YOU xx

So normal service is resumed and I will be posting more photos of the newly arranged flat and new pretty things!

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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Some photos of the new house

Just some photos while 3G connection is sort of good!

Kitchen all tidy ^

Living room with crochet corner ^

Dining room / Pauls gaming area (not completed yet!!)

Our landladys possessions stacked for her to collect.

Our possessions waiting to be moved into their respective rooms!

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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Stress is an understatement

Hi all. Just a quick one while I have some form of Internet.

The move was nothing but stress, and we have alot of our land lady's possessions and our own in this modest sized house.

We've just got the new (old / ancient) cooker working so we can eat something..

Shall we grab some tea and try again tomorrow?

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Moving Again??!!

Hii all!!

Thought I'd give you all the heads up, as I'll probably be without the internet for about a week (stupid Virgin Media *shakes fist at evil company*) and will be moving a little way from where me and his tallness currently live.

So what have I been up to on the crochet front? Well I did promise you on Sunday some photos of my polka dotty, rainbow, bright extravaganza!!!

Well that was a splash of colour wasn't it? This beautiful and warm throw is going to get a gorgeus pillow & bunting to match the colours, and will be all mine for the new craft room.

I've got so many blankets and buntings and cushions and pillows and bright stars and many more crochet things to make. Gahhh!!!! At least it uses my wool and each room gets its own splash of yummy colour.

Each room has been allocated a colour scheme, and what I shall make for it;
  1. Master Bedroom
    Colours: Purple, Orange and Brown
    To Crochet: Pair of 18" Square Cushions, and king size throw for our bed.
  2. Single Bedroom
    Colours: Blue and Cream
    To Crochet: 18" Rectangular Cushion, and single bed sized throw.
  3. Craft Room
    Colours: Brights and Rainbow
    To Crochet: 18" Square Cushion to match throw
  4. Dining Room / Gaming Area
    Colours: Greens and Yellows
    To Crochet: Make covers for sofa cushions, and super chunky throw
  5. Living Room
    Colours: Black, White, Gray and Red
    To Crochet: 3 18" Cushions & throw to match
  6. Bathroom
    Colours: Turquoise
    To Crochet: Surrounds for bath bomb / cosmetics box, and for plant pots
  7. Conservatory
    Colours: Orange, Red, and Yellow
    To Crochet: 4 18" Cushions and throw for wicker sofa
  8. Kitchen
    Colours: Pastels
    To Crochet: Bunting for window, coasters for tea/coffee/sugar containers, and teapot cover
A lot of crochet to be done, and a lot of packing still to be done..

I will see you all again after I emerge from the mountain of clutter!

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Completed yesterday, about 11:50pm!!

Bigger entry and more sparkly photos to come <3

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Work in progress

Well I've been crochetting like mad over the past few days!

My polka dot rainbow blanket that I'm going to get some seriously awesome photos of once I've completed the last FIVE ROUNDS!!!! I'm excited to say the least.

And a close up of my latest granny shawl called "Baby Bright". This is using Oddments and some of my favourite Stylecraft yarns :)

Enjoy that little flash of colour!!

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gotta have a plan to loose the weight

Well I've come to the conclusion that loosing weight is my only option to be happier in myself, to be healthier in my own body..

Starting weight of; 15 stone 1 lbs / 217 lbs
Height; 5 ft 5
Body Mass Index; 36.1 = Obese

Clothing Size; Anwhere between a 16 and 20

It's the ugly and horrible truth. But I'm going to do this for me. Sick and tired of having agonising joint pain and hiding it from everyone, being in floods of tears over stupid bloody things.

So, to try and improve myself I'm going to go to my GP for blood tests to check my hormone levels (a lot of the time it can be down to an under-active or over-active thyroid). At least that will tell me where I stand.

With moving into a new place at the end of the month, and watching my pennies even closer, hopefully this will entice me.

Sorry about this random post; I'm just so fed up of being the size I am. When me and Paul first got together I was a shocking 10 STONE 12!!!

My targets for this year;

Weight; 13 stone
Clothing Size; UK Size 16.

Would anyone like to join me in Challenge Weight Loss?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

*cough cough*

Helloo readers. I am afraid that lurgy is starting to hit home here. His tallness has it before and over Christmas, and as usual I get it in January. But do not fret, this will not take hold - I have cold & flu tablets to hand, Lucozade, onion gravy, and brussell sprouts to chase this icky cold into the distance.

Crafting wise, I've got my new etsy shop open now and am trying to get little bits made and onto.

What do you all think to the latest batch of shiney happy crochet?

I'm currently working on a few of the started and not yet finished projects from 2010. Thus far I have;

  1. A baby blanket
  2. Set of wristwarmers
  3. A super huge oddment blanket
  4. Stylecraft baby blanket
  5. Tia's wristwarmers and birthday hat
  6. Captain America Shield
  7. Baby Granny Slippers
This that's about all of them. The reason I have got so many projects on the go is because I get bored working on one project, and being me I get itchy fingers and a bustling brain of ideas! So out comes the hook, out comes the yarn with no real clue what will come of it. Never a good start lol.

To aid with the massize mission of keeping things organised and only working on the projects, I went on a mission on Monday? No, Tuesday (Sorry lack of sleep does nothing for my pants memory). I went on a mission to find me a wicker basket for under £10 from the local rescue / recycling shop.

So, off I waltzed happily down town, saw my younger sister and her boyfriend (6 months together now, naww) and went to the recycling shop. While noseying around, I eyed up this beaut;

I looked inside, around it, and gave it a squeeze. Finally, came to a decision with the help of Katie (my sister) that I should find out the cost. "£3" the nice lady said. To which I hoped and skipped to the bank to draw some fresh dosh out.

When I skipped back, I found these two little pretties;

The tulip wooden ornament I bought mainly for Paul because he loves tulips (so bought him some crimson tulips from Sainsbury's today for £2.99). Then decided that a new(ish) purse was in order. And giddily walked to the till with happiness at my soon to be new additions to the growing clutter in our flat.

£3 for 3 items! How lucky was I?! Bloody chuffed is more like it!!

Also new purchses wise, I have being sent to me;
How yummy does all this new stuff look?!

I am going to return to crochetting, and maybe having a cup of tea and medicine. Hope you are all well, and try not to catch "the dreaded lurgy"! x

~**Can I also put in a random thank you to those who are reading and commenting, it really does mean alot when my ramblings aren't just frowned at lol! I hope I "hook" more of you lovelies into crochetting-a-long with me :)**~

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year, New Me

Hellooo! Hope you have all recovered from your lovely hangovers of last night (thankfully I didn't drink).

I have decided to persue a passion of mine that has been lingering in my brain cells for about 6 months. I've been wanting to set up a proper shop on Etsy, selling all of all my creativity in one place.

Welcome to The Fantastical Faerie;

I have put on there thus far some accessories, and home pretties.

This is a start of it, I have so many more goodies that will be gracing my shop over the next 12 months.

What do you all think? I'm only shipping to the UK at present :) But I will be doing some more yummy crochet markers, and knitting stitch markers. But not right now.

So I would love for anyone to give me feedback and what you all think.

Happy new year!

Happy new year all!!!!

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