Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Hello everyone!!

I'm so sorry I've been away from you all for all this time. Alls I can say is that it has been hectic, super hectic!!

In the new year I will be moving (again) to a newer, bigger home with his tallness. So I am on a huge destash mission if you could all help me out I'd love you all dearly: My little Ebay space!

While I have been away I have definately had my ups and oh so down downs. His tallness has been searching for another job as he's not paid nearly as good as IT Technicians should be paid.. I'm trying to get myself back in the mood for crochet, crafts and dreads; but I can't bring myself to lift out of this slump..

Now to help with this lickle hick-up, my Dad decided to buy my Mum a new food processor. I have been blessed with this lovely old rickety thing that I have been using as long as I can remember for baking cakes, and other confectionary!

 Look at it!! So far it's made making cakes a lot easier!

I'll post some more in a moment, don't want to make entries too long, heh heh. xx

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