Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lechlade, Start of Winter, and Christmas!

I love Christmas time. I love Winter. And I 100% LOVED Lechlade!

On Saturday, we (Paul's Mum, Nan, Nan's friend, and myself) all went on the yearly trip to Lechlade near the Cotswolds. Very tranquil, and pretty neck of the British countryside.

We first stopped in the Black Cat Teahouse, and had tea and scones (how British!!) and had a talk about Paul's Grandad and Paul.

After having our Black Cat top up, we headed on to one shop where Christmas is everyday!! The Christmas Shop in Lechlade is the most amazing shop in the world! I love it. I was gandering round, my eyes twinkling, my hands itching to get into it!! So, I grabbed a basket, and looked, felt, and oohed many times as I wandered happily around the small shop. Slowly, I picked some pretty items I knew would look beautiful in our flat.

Little Ornaments: Gingerbread Stocking, Gingerbread Felt Man, Knitted Stocking, Love Heart.
Big Ornaments: Christmas Tree with dangles!

Paul Mum saw a little purple Christmas tree decoration, and we searched low and high and we couldn't find a silver one to go with it!

We then worked our way along to a gorgeus Antiques Shop. I spend a fortune (in my mind). Slowly I weaved my way up and round the little shop, and done more ooing and ahhing!

And picked up this;

£4! How cute is it?! I saw another heart but only had £4 left :(

We decided about 12:30pm it would be a good time to go and sit down for lunch. We went to the Riverside Inn; gorgeus food, very homely atmosphere, and reasonable pricing!

How beautiful is that?! I had gammon, chips and salad. Soooo moreish!

We wandered back slowly darting in and out of more shops, and at 2:30pm decided to make our way home. Such an amazing day.


I'm getting very excited about Christmas though as this year me and Paul will be waking, spending the whole day, and enjoying the day together for the first time. 

So here is the start of the crochetted decorations;

Look at it!!! How gorgeus is it?

I'm going to toddle off out, as I have to get some bits in for tonight. Muchos love love xxxxxx


  1. What a lovely day out. Can I come with you next time?! I've read about Lechlade on narrowboating blogs but it is really nice to see it in a different light.
    Love the gingerbread man deccie and that crochet wreath.
    I bet you'll have a fabby day; it's not that long ago that we had our 1st Christmas Day, in this flat, on our own. It was brilliant!!
    Good to have you back blogging,
    Z xx

  2. Aww :3 Heyy! I see no reason why not. It's a yearly thing with my fiancee's family and my first time going.

    I'll hopefully get most posts up soon :D xx