Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dreadies show off!

Okay for those who don't know about the wonderful world of dreads; it isn't just for hippies, it isn't people who don't wash their hair, it isn't people who have a freakish obsession with bondage, it isn't people who do drugs, and it isn't people who are angry greebos.. I suggest highly you visiting this forum: It is chockers full of people who have natural dreads, roving dreads, synthetic dreads, who dye their hair, who don't dye their hair, hairdressers, crafters and those who are there for a good ol' chin wag!

I have been part of the hair extension world for 4 years, and in that time I have made a fair amount of balls-ups! Not communicating, being to scared to tell people the money I was using their order for was to pay to make ends meet. I've started a fresh slate this year, and decided to clear all this stuff up. Starting again, and trying to regain trust.

Instead of synthetic dreads (I ended up with a foul chest infection because of doing that type of dreads), I now work with wool or roving.

Roving dreads are fantastic for those who want something lighter, sort of natural looking, softer on the scalp (for people like me who suffer from psoriasis it's amazing having soft and snuggly), and generally abit different. They are made from 100% Merino Wool, that has been carded and dyed. You can use the natural merino shades if you prefer and use vegetable, chemical, and wool dyes to dye them to your own specifications.

Now the reason I started doing this is because I found it alot less stress, my turn around times are generally A LOT better than synthetics.

So I'd better show you some purdy photos hadn't I?

I'm really pleased with what I have made so far. If anyone wanted to order any, please feel free to leave a comment on here I can contact you xx

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