Monday, 22 November 2010

Ebay / Paypal Rant

*Please excuse this massive rant about Ebay, you've probably seen on Facebook / heard it before but just want to rant it out somewhere*

Bloody Ebay are useless for new sellers (even though I've been on Ebay for 5 years). You have to provide proof that you are able to be a reliable seller through a previous ebay account. Now I followed the tutorial on it; and it still keeps holding the money (21 days it expects ebayers to go without their flaming items because I can't afford to send them), money I need to send the damn items. They have this arse about face way of bloody running things. This is the lovely message on my Paypal;

"As you're a new eBay seller, we're temporarily holding the money for this transaction for up to 21 days. You'll then be able to access your money, providing you've posted the item to the buyer's address stated on this page, and your buyer hasn't reported any problems.

Can I use my held funds for postage costs?
Yes. You'll pay for your eBay or PayPal postage label just like normal. After you've paid for your label, the amount you paid for postage will be released from your pending balance.

You may be able to access your money sooner if you:

   1. Post your item with trackable postage such as Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery
   2. Save all proof of postage and email tracking information

Find out how to sell securely"

And the one on Ebay

"You have a PayPal payment.
As part of the payment process for new eBay sellers, your payment is on hold. Please send the item and provide tracking information or delivery confirmation, so that the money may be released.
If you purchase postage labels through eBay or PayPal, the cost of the purchase will be released from your pending balance shortly after purchase. Click the Print postage label button below. It's free and delivery information is automatically uploaded to My eBay. Or learn how to manually enter your delivery information.
View payment process frequently asked questions for new sellers | Not a new seller? Remove new seller payment hold"

How cock eyed is that?! The only reason I set up a new account is so I could start with a clean bloody slate! Then they do this to me! Ebay once upon a time was a good place to sell. Now it's only so you end up worse than what you where originally!


I'm really sorry about ranting and using such language on here. I do get really frustrated as do the Ebayers that purchase from me. All I can offer them is " You're money hasn't been transferred yet".. :/ Ah well..


  1. I'm really new to ebay. I joined about a month ago to get a book I wanted. I did this as I was 'stung' by a seller, (with a good record). She had a contact number and as Iwasn't a member she offered to take the item off and deal direct with me. Yeah, you've guessed it...I sent a cheque but never received the book. I am tempted to out her by name on my blog.
    But they sound like the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing! What a damn silly way for them to run things.
    Hope it pans out OK.
    Z xx

  2. Thank you so much; I'm so sorry that didn't go well at all. I have started trying to contact members at every turn :) Just so they know what happens. If anytime you see anything that you want on my Ebay; let me know and we can sort something out for you xx

  3. I love your rant- here is mine sent to ebay about low DSR's left by mistake- guess what - they didn't reply.
    this is not fair- you can see from my exceptional feedback that these DSR's were a mistake- or left by some STUPID person (and believe me ebay is full of them)- everywhere else in THE REAL WORLD one is allowed to give one's side of the story- here in ebay you are GUILTY from some THICKO who doesn't know the meaning of DISPATCH- end of story- you are not innocent here until proved guilty- you are guilty full stop. You allow people's livelihood to be ruined by a THICKO- when I complained on Ravelry about the postage in a wool shop- I was told I was ruining their livlihood by saying that- here YOU just RUIN people's livlihoods by allowing a THICKO to do so. You don't live in the real world- this doesn't happen in the real world. One day someone will sue you for ruining their business.

  4. I agree entirely! You had every right to complain to Ebay, and that is true that they never (have or will) listen.

    Thankfully alot of Ebayers once I ask them to re-read my terms, and explain why they are pretty good.

    I had one Ebayer go off on one about how it was disgraceful that I wouldn't ship the item. This was after stating I am a part time worker, and cannot afford to send items until Paypal transfers the money into my bank account. She still went on a rant about how no other Ebayers do this, how come it takes 7 days (I'm not a Halifax CEO so can't change their transfer times policy). *le sigh*

    Ah wells. Least there are honest people like you and I eh? xx