Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Beginning the journey into Crochet!

After being drawn to Lucy from Attic24's Blog, I saw a whole world of possibilities for my yarn stash - most being boring and very bland colours! I do have some very random spashes of colour in there somewhere - mainly pinks, blues and greens.

So I wil be attempting my first ever blanket of various granny squares, including the Traditional Granny Square and Lucy's Summer Garden Granny Square May make some flowers to go on it too. Not sure.

I still can't crochet in straight lines yet which doesn't surprise me!

I've added some lovely new things onto Etsy.com;
Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade
Help me sell this stock as I've still got a lot to sell!! Jewellery mainly now :)

In moving news, me and Paul are waiting for a phonecall back about a property! This is really exciting news! It's a very pretty flat, very basic interior. That will be transformed into a chaos of clutter and odd boxes in wrong rooms. I'm trying to use up all my beads but may have to sell them on :( They are cute colours but I don't find time to bead anymore!

As usual, keep a close eye on here, as this will be the main place for all my musings ^_^ x

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