Monday, 18 January 2010

Not feeling much better - WIP!

Not feeling much better today folks. Been at work, but it was quite dead to say the least :|

Nevertheless, got the new Valentine's Day items out with Lucy & Amy; Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar, The Ex Factor Ballistic and Love Soap. My favourite one is hands down Magic Mushroom because I love how soft it feels! And because of the lovely Alex squeeling "It looks like a Mario Mushroom!" That made my week when they were delivered on Friday. To make me even more happy, the new "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" boxes are in. The reason why this makes me smile is because there is an information leaflet that has a cut out mouse-tash on! (I can't spell, so always call the male tash a "mouse tash")

On the note of Valentine's, I actually have no clue what to get the tall one! I thought about making something, but it'll end up never getting finished. Why start projects I'll never get finished? Pah. I may make him a little crochetted heart and a game I know he's after *roll eyes* Men..

To finalise this blog entry before I go to bed and dream of how far I can get on my recent WIPs, I shall let you all in on a small secret! I'm working on a pattern. It involves lacework, cabling, rib, and circular needles. Now I shall leave you all guessing, and bid you goodnight xx

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