Sunday, 24 January 2010

Feeling a lot better! All thanks to some :)

Heylo all!! I'm back again (I'm posting lots I know), and feeling alot better after the evil cold caught up with me. Still got a little bit of it left but its pretty much all gone *happies*

I'm extremely happy as at work we've got some of the new items in. I never told you where I work! I'm employed at Lush Handmade Cosmetics as a Part Time Sales Assistant. It's so cool. I get to show you how bubble bars, ballistics, sugar scrubs, massage bars e.t.c. all work! How amazing is that?!
Back on topic.. We've got Creme Anglaise *yummmm* which is £25 smackers! So worth it if you ask me as the smell is bloody gorgeus. Then we have the new lip scrubs in "Bubblegum", "Mint Julips" and "Sweet Lips". Mint Julips is my favourite ^_^ Then! We have at long last the amazing, the sexy, Happy Bloomin' Bath Melt! It's so full of cherries and it also got calamine which is really soothing on the skin. Oh oh and hopefully getting some more bits in on Wednesday :D

Back on crafting related news. I will be doing stitch marker clubs. So, here is the information regarding;
  • I will be doing them in groups of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months.
  • Prices to be paid are including Recorded 1st Class / Airsure P&P worldwide!
  • They will be sent on last day of every month (unless it's a weekend then on the Friday before).
  • You could recieve anywhere between 4 and 8 markers in any one month - e.g. Month 1 you could recieve 5, Month 2 you could recieve 8.
  • Designs are picked at random, unless you have a specific colour scheme you prefer, then state when ordering. Also you need to state whether you are a knitter or crochetter; and if you are a knitter what size needles you prefer to use so I can make the markers to the correct sizing.
I'll be putting them on Etsy tonight, so everyone can feel free to have a butchers.


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  1. Ooo yes I've bought a bubblegum lipscrub and done a video on the creme anglaise (yummy!). You have my dream life i think! You work in Lush and in your spare time you make stuff!!! Thank you for your comment on my blog, does that mean i can be cheeky and ask for more samples next time i come in? hehe xxxx ps, did you notice i gave you a little mention in my lush video (the one that has little niece in?) xxx