Sunday, 17 January 2010

When feeling unwell - spend and knit.

Oh yes people, I escaped but am now captured by the evil that is "The Winter Cold". The damn thing caught me >:| I am not pleased. It means I am slowly loosing my hearing again, have lost all sense of smell and taste, and to top it off am loosing my energy. Bad times, bad times indeed.

In an attempt to cheer me up, after being phoned outside prospective flat to be informed that it had in fact been let (boo at estate agents); my wonderful man, who also is in a state of *disappoint and **worry, decided to buy me some boxes. You may laugh, but I've been having a good ol' moan about the fact I needed at least 2 boxes to store my growing collection of CDs by various artists, along with soundtracks.

* To clarify why he is disappointed: We both had our hearts set on a beautiful flat. Unfortunately we need to move on 30th January so I'm not stuck in a rut for getting back to Raunds; after a certain time the bus that I catch to get home from work, then multiplies into two, but on a Sunday there is no means of getting me home from Northampton unless our good friend isn't working. Hence the slight disappointment.
** To clarify the worrying: The Winter Cold, and how it effects my temper.. Not well is what I should say, but I was surprisingly okay after having a 6ft rug pulled from under my feet..

Back to the boxes. So in WHSmiths, I saw two gorgeus Cupcake print CD Boxes, £4.99 each (quite expensive really when we aren't doing so well cash wise). Had to have! I squeaked and squeeled my way back out of the shopping centre.

Today, once we had got back to Raunds, we tidied my two shelves with the CDs, books, DVDs, magazines e.t.c into a very tidy new space ready to put it all into removal vans for when we have found a flat to move to :) Then after lunch spent two hours snoozing to try and recouperate my energy for work tomorrow!

In Knitting News! I may take on a large project for myself! Enter the words "Oooo" and "Ahhh". I may make one of these for work;
    I love the ideal of 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10. Writing my own pattern would be amazingly cool! And I could use up my yarn stash in the process! But at the same time when starting my first majorly huge project, it's best to follow a pattern. Hmm decisions, decisions.

    Either way I'll be a very happy bunny to say the least. Starting a big project, especially for work will be something to work on.

    Keep an eye on here for more news when it arrives :)


    1. Hello- It's Louise who you met in Lush (I have a cute niece who wanted to put her little fingers in EVERYTHING) and i love your blog! Looking forward to seeing pics of your knitted creations!
      I couldn't find a "follow" option but if i've missed it, point me in the right direction.
      Please please have a look at my blog and become a follower, its so sad but it truely makes my day when someone does!haha


    2. *waves* Heyy! I've followed your Blog, I'll find someway of putting it back on here lol. I hope your niece enjoys her lovely new bits and you sister gets on well with hers too! xx