Sunday, 10 January 2010

Using up the stash - My WIPs

It seems in the knitting and crochet world that everyone is spending 2010 using up their ever-increasing stash of varying yarns. It will definately be that way here too.

Seeing as I've just learnt how to crochet properly, and I've been knitting for years; I've been using up my yarn a bit at a time. I aim to get through 200g of yarn a month! Big feat if you ask me. Or if I buy one skein / ball of yarn, I should theoretically have to use up twice as much as the purchased yarns weight to accomidate for it.

A good ploy to use up my stash indeed :)

So, here is the projects I am working on and what yarn I'm using for them;

  •  Crochetted & Knitted Bunting in Stylecraft Special Twirl DK in "Apple Twirl 1651"
  • Granny Square Blanket using oddments in various weights, and all my DK Patons / Stylecraft Special yarns
Two projects on the go so far isn't bad for 2010! I think by the end of the month I'll be pulling my hair out from having so much stash and not knowing what project to do next 

Hopefully I'll have pictures for you of those when they eventually get finished!

This is a list of projects I hope to achieve this year;

  • The completion of an actual blanket.
  • A shawl
  • A set of socks for Paul (if I start them now I may get them done for Christmas lol)
  • A set of socks for me
  • A couple of sets of wristwarmers
  • More dread hats
Not many eh?

I'll keep you all posted as I like to keep my jottings somewhere!

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