Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year All!!

Wowee! 2010 is upon us and I have so much to do; so much that need updating :)

Here's all the latest works of this mad mind;

Set of 5 50s Vintage / Red Polka Dot Bow Stitch Markers


Matching Orifice Hook

Pair of socks for 2 to 3 yr old out of Rico Design Superba Designs

Cabled Knit and very bright

Set of Preemie to 3 months socks in Colinette Cadenza, colourway "Moss"

I love these as they are very soft, and I ribbed the all the way down to the toe.

Another set of Preemie to 3 months socks, this time made from Colinette Cadenza and Rowan Tapestry.

Such a cute set for a little girl.

I made my first ever "Bunting" too! I'm very pleased with this, so I'll stick it on Etsy.

I've also used my own handspun on here, and one of the Lush Ribbons from the "Christmas Cracker" gift :D

This was my second to last set of 5 Stitch Markers from 2009!

All the beads were from "Bee Inspired Ltd" in Kettering, Northants. Website:

These will be going on Etsy very soon!!

And to finish, the really cute and simple secret santa gift for Darkest Knits on the Phoenix Knitting Forums.

One Knitted stocking for the Christmas Tree, set of 5 Stitch Markers.

So all in all my December was a very crafty month!! January will be a busy month, as I'm working through all my bead stash and all my yarn stash to create wierd and wonderful items for my Etsy shop! So keep an eye on here:

I'll hopefully be posting on here abit more in the coming months; especially with the biggest news *hint*moving home*hint* :)

Have a lovely New year everyone, and hope you all enjoyed this very random show off! xx

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